R&D Tax Credits

✔ Receive a cash payment or tax deduction for any research or development work undertaken in your business

✔ Claims can be made on you and your team's time, as well as 3rd party expenditure

✔ No upfront fees to pay - you'll only be charged based on a successful claim

✔ Book a free consultation to see if you qualify
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Did you know that if your business has undertaken any research or development work you could claim a percentage of that money back from HMRC? 

It’s not just Rocket Scientists and Engineers either. If you’ve developed any bespoke software, apps or innovative ways to streamline the processes in your business, that could be included too. Click here to see some examples of recent successful claims Aspen Waite has claimed on behalf of their clients. It’s not always easy to recognise the R&D you are doing , but Aspen Waite will go that extra mile to help businesses identify and claim any R&D they are doing. So far they have helped businesses claim over £55M of R&D tax credits for their clients and have completed over 2,000 claims.

You can claim up to two previous years worth of tax credits and can claim every financial year going forwards. This means you could claim a substantial refund and the cash each year to take your business further - a potentially vital boost in these difficult times.

We've partnered with Aspen Waite to provide the expert support needed to make the most of these claims. They are R&D Tax Credit Specialists backed by industry experts from a range of sectors. They pledge is to work with any client, anywhere - regardless of size or fee. You will not be charged a penny unless you are successful in your claim - there is no risk to you or your business.

Here are just a handful of projects that Aspen Waite have helped claim R&D Tax Credits for and their pay-outs:


for developing bespoke software for use in processing nutritional data


for designing a new modular storage system for commercial vehicles


for producing a new fried snack that's comparable in fat content to baked products


for developing a low energy light for use in varying types of signage
You could receive your R&D pay-out within 4 weeks of your claim being submitted, so what are you waiting for? Click the button below and fill out the form to see if you're eligible. Find out how much you could claim today.
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