Turn Website visits into Sales

✔ Identify who is visiting your website, down to individual and their organisation

✔ View each action taken by prospects on your site

✔ Monitor all activity on your website 

✔ CANDDi's platform integrates seamlessly with your existing digital marketing platforms 
Did you know that 98% of visitors to websites leave without taking a meaningful action? Being able to identify your prospects is a sure way to increase leads and, ultimately, increase sales. CANDDi provides you with complete visibility over every single action that takes place on your site. By understanding who has visited your site and the actions they have taken, you can rank and categorise your leads. In addition, this also enables you to tailor and personalise your messages to a prospect's interests, building trust and making you a more attractive provider.

Thanks to our partnership with CANDDi, the starter package includes full CRM integration and lead sourcing, usually only included in the more expensive packages. In addition, you can choose to have a free 2 hour consultation with a member of the CANDDi team not only on the use of their platform, but your marketing strategy as a whole.

How CANDDi can help your teams



  • Close more deals with rich, real-time data about individual prospects
  • Understand what potential customers are interested in from their activity history
  • Get real-time alerts for new leads or notable returning prospects
  • Focus your efforts on the best leads with a lead scoring tool


  • Find out which of your marketing efforts are working by comparing ROI across channels
  • Generate more leads with less work by tracking individual prospects
  • Know which customers are responding to your outputs
  • Get a full history for any individual prospect

Account Management

  • Know what your customers are doing so you can better support them
  • Easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • See a snapshot of the day's activities and opportunities with a daily report
  • Identify customers who are likely to churn, and intervene before it happens


  • Easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Analyse and compare marketing and sales channels
  • See a snapshot of the day's activities and opportunities with a daily report
  • Know the hottest leads so they can be assigned to the best-suited sales people
Simply click the button below and book a discovery call with CANDDi. They'll outline the product in more depth and explain exactly how they can help grow your business and provide you with a trial so you can assess this for yourself.
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